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EGS 7G-TRONIC 722.9 Repairing and programming
  • EGS 7G-TRONIC 722.9 Repairing and programming

EGS 7G-TRONIC 722.9 Repairing and programming

Tax excluded

EGS 7G-TRONIC 722.9 Repairing and programming

Product available for orders

Mercedes 7G Tronic Automatic Transmission Electronic Control Unit/Module TCM/TCU 722.9

You can send to us your old defected unit for repair.
Before placing a bid please send us a message with the diagnostic error codes.
According to them we will find out where and what the problem is.

Here error list for repair:

Y3/8N1 turbine speed sensor
Y3/8N2 internal speed sensor
Y3/8N3 output speed sensor
Y3/8S1 selection range sensor
Y3/8Y1 working pressure control solenoid
Y3/8Y2 K1 clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y3 K2 clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y4 K3 clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y5 B1 brake clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y6 B2 brake clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y7 B3 brake clutch solenoid
Y3/8Y8 torque converter lockup solenoid

We have an account at Fedex Express and Fedex Economy Courier where we use special discount.
You can send the unit using our Fedex account to save from shipping cost's.

We need 1-2 business days for the repair.
Cost - 225 euro without VAT

After our repair the unit is ready to be mounted on the same car without any further need of SCN coding!

Repaired Unit will be shipped back WorldWide via Fedex Express. Shipping time and delivery cost's depends on destination country!
Usually transit shipping time is 2 business days WorldWide.

Delivery details :

246 Trakt Lubelski St,
04-667 Warsaw, Poland

Mobile phone number : +48 509 399 633
Skype: sagmaster

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